Global Study Plan

The Université de Montréal’s Global Study Plan (PGÉ) has two parts, the Study Plan and the Support Plan for Success.

The Study Plan is generated directly in Synchro from the data already entered by the “techniciennes et techniciens à la gestion des dossiers étudiants” (TGDE). The information concerns in particular the choice of the research director, the courses to be followed and the deadlines for the various compulsory steps.

The Support Plan for Success is submitted by the student to Synchro and complements the Global Study Plan. This plan, completed in collaboration with the research director, allows the student and his director, as well as his co-director if necessary, to discuss the modalities of supervision and to plan the M.Sc./Ph.D. plan and activities in order to establish certain realistic working arrangements.

Download the interactive pdf form: Plan de soutien à la réussite.

The Molecular Biology Programs Graduate Studies Committee suggests some guidelines for the Support Plan for Success:

  • The frequency of the follow-up / thesis committees and formative evaluations as indicated on the M.Sc/Ph.D. plan.
  • As of  A-21 (September 1, 2021), it is recommended that a minimum annual scholarship of 19,000 (MSc) and 21,000 (PhD) be granted to all students of the program. As of A-22 (September 1, 2022), it will be recommended that a minimum annual scholarship of 20,000 (MSc) and 22,000 (PhD) be awarded to all students in the program. If the recommendations of a research center are higher or lower than these amounts, the higher amounts are recommended by the program.
  • A presence of 160 hours per month – variable schedule according to the constraints related to the experimental work and other related activities (courses, exams, congresses …)
  • Minimum annual vacation period of 2 weeks + statutory vacation from the University or research center