M.Sc. Admission Information

To be eligible for admission as a regular student in the M.Sc. program in Molecular Biology, you must:

  • have one of the following degrees or its equivalent approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies: Bachelor of Science in an appropriate field (biochemistry, biology, microbiology, chemistry); Doctor of Medicine or equivalent.
  • have earned a B.Sc. degree with a minimum grade-point average of 3.0 out of 4.3 (or the equivalent)
  • consult the list of accredited laboratories of the program and ensure that a professor agrees to supervise your research project;
  • provide an acceptation letter from a research director (for 2 years’ Mastter) or a letter of acceptation of the option (1 year Master);
  • provide a letter of motivation
  • provide a CV;
  • provide attestation of internship(s) if applicable;
  • submit to the Registrar’s Office an application for admission in due and proper form in accordance with established rules and procedures. Students who need help to understand the French terms and to fill the admission form may download this bilingual document. Students who need help to understand the French terms and to fill the admission form may download this bilingual document.

Students actually enrolled in the Ph.D. program in Medicine and whose academic performance is considered excellent by the Faculty may, in some particular cases, be admitted simultaneously to a M.Sc. program.

For students who have completed a B.Sc. with honor track, some courses may be credited. Please contact the programs office.

Please do not hesitate to consult our admission guide for students who would like to start a Master.

Please take note that you must submit your application for admission

  • before February 1st, for the summer session
  • before February 1st (1st cohort) or May 1st (2nd cohort), for the fall session
  • before September 15th, for the winter session

International students should apply for admission at least 6 months before the desired date of the beginning of the studies.

Outside these dates, the files will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Once your application for admission has been submitted, your complete file will be reviewed by the Molecular Biology Programs Graduate Studies Committee. You will be given a formal response after the meeting of the Committee.



All our students receive scholarships. You will be also encouraged to submit applications for external scholarships to expand your CV.

Modalités spécifiques à la maîtrise

The minimum course work duration for the M.Sc. General Option and Complex Diseases in Human Option is 3 terms. The maximum course work duration is 6 terms (2 years).The M.Sc. Systems Biology Option and Molecular and Cellular Medicine Option last one year.

Enrolment status:

  • full time: 3 terms
  • redaction: until the term of submitting your Master’s Thesis
  • correction / assessment: the term following your thesis submission

Please see also the academic rules issued by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.